Once passed a little the emotion of the encounter, we began ourselves to pose our doubts, and histories with respect to which there was past, where we were? That it had happened with our families? we had to look for the answers asks to them if they had seen the gigantic mounstros that I had seen? They responded affirmatively to me began to speak to me of the theories that they had developed while they were there stops the one of them Earth had backed down in the time, but nonwise exactly in which period or time was – I never had seen, in no program on the prehistory, nor in none film, nothing to which had been present at today. Search gathered all the information. Soon the other person, who strangely but was calmed that we, began to explain her conjecture, it said that we were deads, for that reason the light that left our bodies, and I mention that according to the sagradas writings in the part of Juan: the life was the light of the men, the light in darknesses will shine and the darknesses will not prevail against them the other person interrupted, rising abruptly, and taking hold a stone of the ground, – visibly it was troubled by the hypothesis of the other person and I send to the stone towards a side

We are alive! I energetically affirm, but in that site? that universal? that Planet? was silence they already had short while resting in that place we were to the drift, we did not have idea so don’t mention it rises to me, and I said to them: we must continue I did a gesture with the hand, indicating the internal part of the tunnel. it was obvious that somebody had made that tunnel I continued best serious if we found that somebody, both agreed with me and we began to walk inside towards They had spent a few hours, or me it seemed it at least, we rested from time to time we walked enough until finally we arrived at a different site, was the ample part but of the tunnel that we finished of to cross .era great of oval form, and was much fog, but it was a defined fog, it as much seemed cotton in the part of above as in the ground of the so slight enclosure, once we began to advance towards within and there they were! continuous .. .