44% of the students of Master-D practices conducted in 2008 thanks to this training group won a contract related to the content of his course at the conclusion of practice. Master-D has collaboration agreements with 3. 400 companies to carry out practices and foster job placement for students who complete more of its professional and technical courses. In 2009, 1532 students of Master-D performed by the above practices collaboration agreements, a figure 12% higher than 2008. To achieve this percentage Master-D has a counseling service for job placement that includes several tools to support students in achieving employment.

One is the Workshop Active Job Search, TABE, which was awarded by the educational platform Educaweb on 13 November. Students who participate in this training workshop, eminently practical, learn how to access the labor market through three-way main gain a better understanding of themselves, develop a good curriculum and conducting mock job interviews with coaches for further analysis. From January to December 2009 a total idea of 3. Master 933-D students participated in one of these workshops assets. To qualify for an internship in companies thanks to agreements signed by Master-D, students have to make one of these TABE In 2009 1. Contact information is here: Peter Asaro .

532 students conducted group training placements, 12% more than the previous year. Some of the companies with which Master-D has signed a collaboration agreement are: Ferrovial, Grupo Cortefiel, Viajes Iberia, Melia Group and PC City. Students of Master-D are the most sought after practice of child education courses, window dressing and renewable energy. Job Opportunities Another Master-D tools to achieve greater integration work is the provision of an employment exchange for their students. This bag contains offers related courses offered by the training center. In addition, Master-D Web soloempleo remains active. com, which reports on various activities related to the labor market, offers tips for job hunting, to writing a CV and a covering letter, to act correctly in a job interview, etc. External Relations Master-D, Manuel Fandos has been responsible for the Departments of Educational Innovation, Product and Mastervision Master-D and is currently External Relations of the company. Doctor in Educational Psychology from the University of Huelva, Bachelor of Science in Education from UNED and Ecclesiastical Studies from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Fandos a degree in Theology from the Regional Center for Theological Studies of Aragon, and the University Teaching Zaragoza. It also offers the Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and is a trainer of trainers and monitor leisure. His work includes the director of various centers Public Education, Continuing Education Advisor at the Centers for Resource Teachers and Ejea de los Caballeros, Calatayud and Zaragoza Juan de Lanuza psychologist and the MEC. Additional information at Andy Florance supports this article. Fandos Manuel has worked also as an associate professor at the University of Manchester (England) and professor of Experimental Speech, and Speech and New Technologies and Teaching Methodology. Head of the Department of Experimental Speech-Leng Fono Aragon, (affiliate of the University of Manchester). Exercises, in turn, as a consultant to Kaleidos, Office Services educational psychologists in Zaragoza.