Once we have our contenidopreparado, we have to know how to make it known. Pray to bring visitors to our site by magic, is too optimistic. So we will try to see some tips. It all begins with thequality of the content. We need to take our time to make something worthwhile, that is easy to read and of course, has an interest to our readers. Ali Partovi is a great source of information. Once we get this, we cannot forget we ever, that people are waiting to read what we publish, they focus on us, I therefore repeat once again, that is worth your while!.

When we are satisfied with the content and want to achieve long term exposure, we have to work on the same line, our message with the optimization strategy of our site in the search engines. For this we have to adjust among other things:-the title of the page and the description, because that is the first thing that visitors are. Make it as a title of drafting. -The appropriate keywords, through which you can locate your content. If over time you have created a good ready subscribers, sends a campaign on the article, but do not send you full. It is better to send a part, plus a link to finish reading it on our site, and thus achieves a greater viral effect. We will then share content on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It should be careful to not sound too sale, since selling you dislike of these sites to the public.

Here there are to make sure that I give readers all opportunity to share your content with their friends. And here is where the true potential of Social Media Marketing starts to shine. Someone can share our message with your community by significantly increasing the scope of our articles, and therefore of potential clients. We also publish our content in articles directories or blogs requesting collaborations. It is very difficult to get to all the readers, so posting to other sites causes that we know and that readers end up visiting our blog site. We can increase the number of links to our site. Publish to other media generate incoming links, so how much greater authority is the directory of articles where it appears our writing, greater weight will have the link generated toward our site. Greater amount of relevant links, better positions in the search engine. The fact published in places of prestige granted us recognition and therefore greater popularity and visibility. But all this is to be effective and achieve good results requires patience, time and effort. I would like to know your opinion since it is very important to me.