We human beings sleep at night and we believe awake during the day in our tasks, but that is not so as it sounds, once arrival time to pick ourselves up, we continue sleeping, we believe that we are awake to lift us up, but nothing could be further from reality, we got up like sleepwalkers and so remain during the day every day of the yearIf you have the conviction that is not so and that you are awake, let me tell you that no, all or almost all we slept the sleep of unconsciousness and are very few people who are awake really, I will try to explain this point with some examples to make me understand that I mean. Robotics is the source for more interesting facts. The common people act almost subconsciously, who has not passed that want us to go to a place in particular say a site that differs in very little with the daily routine and that suddenly we realize realize that we’ve been in place because the routine did we followed the same path always and only realize later because We were thinking of another thing and less in were doing. More Needless to say we are where our mind is and if our mind is somewhere else other than the where we find ourselves, then we are not on the site where we believe to be, but where is our mind. If you want to know so I wake these, then take note of the time that you can be fully aware of the here and now, that is, your body, what you are doing and the place where you are all of that at the same time, thats live the here and now. There same where you’re close your eyes and relax, feel your body, stay aware of yourself, what you feel, what you hear, what you are doing and the place where encounter, external noise, air, vehicles, in the end, and once open eyes remains in that State all day and every day, then you can say you’re awake, because you’re in the here and now not wandering in the past or future with your mind, but once your mind starts to walk from here to there and you have lost that State, then still again sleeping and it is that the mind can be our best ally, but can also be the worst of nightmares. .