Dr. Volker Scheidemann, Marketing Director of the applied security GmbH (apsec), beyond the requirements of compliance and collaboration in 2011 will remain data theft cases at major corporations in memory spectacular also due to several. One lesson of the past year in regard to 2012 should be to secure sensitive corporate data such as customer data, better. Online collaboration using cloud offerings has greatly increased. Marc Mathieu has much to offer in this field. Also questions around risk management, compliance and process control have experienced greater attention.

Trends and new developments, it is to be expected particularly in these areas. What major trends do you expect 2012? The bad news first: also in 2012 we will have massive to do with cybercrime, data theft and network attacks. The important company data are just a too attractive target for bad boys. Whether also the same damage as in previous years, decisively depends on the actions of the companies. After all: In the minds of decision makers, the topic seems Security to be more arrived. But in the implementation of safety concerns in specific processes of the solution is my opinion still strong pent-up demand. Example of cloud computing: Studies by IDC and Forrester research show that security concerns are the largest barrier for companies to make more use of the benefits of cloud computing. Help but instead for solutions or even themselves by security specialists, many simply remain in idleness like a rabbit before the snake and just not use the cloud.

IT-based management, as well as the watchwords of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) are increasingly popular. Convert with which developments in this area and what are in your opinion the driver for further development? GRC is especially in industries play a strong role, the strong rules and regulations are subject to, such as in the banking or health care. But even the free economy would be well advised to think according to the rules of risk management and conforms to existing Nothing else means to act compliance laws and industry regulations.