Both products are available in the languages German English, French, Italian and Spanish ready, advanced PV * SOL also in Polish. Valentin software offers regular free beginners webinars as a service. Useful new app for data recording on the spot also presented an app for smartphones at Intersolar, that the inclusion of data of roof orientation and child’s play the Planner inclination makes. An online calculation of location-based annual income is included. Valentine’s software at the Intersolar Europe Valentin Software presents its products from 19 until June 21 on the Europe in Munich in hall A6, stand number 140.

twice a day at the booth planning live and video demonstrations find Intersolar instead. At the June, there will be a raffle in the afternoon, in which you can win the programs. PV * SOL advanced is presented in addition to the 21.6.2013 at 11:15 on the new stock exchange. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, Valentine software grants also, within the framework of the Intersolar 25 per cent discount on all programs Europe will be ordered. Valentin software Valentin software, history looks back on 25 years. Labeled PV * SOL and T * SOL * appliances * SOL for dynamic simulation, interpretation, revenue and profitability forecast of photovoltaic, solar heating and heat pump systems, the Berlin-based software company has become a leading provider of innovative planning software for sustainable energy supply.

Among the customers are engineers, planners, architects, plumbers and craftsmen and manufacturing companies in the field of electrical, heating and building technology.