The results of the re-certification of workplaces on working conditions (recertification) are drawn corresponding protocols, and the filled with a new map of certification of workplaces on working conditions or make changes to card certification of workplaces on working conditions, executed earlier. Newly organized workplaces are certified after putting them in operation. What gives the certification of workplaces on working conditions? The results of the awp for ut, conducted in accordance with the procedures used to: 1) monitoring of labor conditions in the workplace and ensure the correct Workers certified personal and collective protection, and 2) evaluation of occupational risk as the probability of damage (loss) of health or death of an employee related to the execution of their duties employment contract and in other cases established by legislation, control and management of occupational risks, which require analysis and evaluation of health worker in the causal connection with working conditions, risk communication subjects of labor law, control the dynamics of risk indicators, and conducting activities to reduce the likelihood of damage to health workers, and 3) providing employees recruited, reliable information about conditions in the workplace, of the risks to health damage on measures to protect against harmful and (or) occupational hazards and entitlement to workers engaged in heavy work or work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions, guarantees and compensations, and 4) the provision of workers employed in jobs with hazardous working conditions, work, performed in special temperature conditions or pollution-related, certified free of special clothing, footwear and other ppe, as well as washing away and cleans facilities according to established norms, and 5) statistical reporting on labor conditions, and 6) the subsequent confirmation of compliance (certification) organization of work on public health and safety regulatory requirements of Labour, 7) training of contingents and list of names of persons to be an indispensable precondition (if applying for a job) and periodic (for work) health inspection (examination) of workers, and and extraordinary medical examinations (surveys), 8) calculation of discounts and premiums from the insurance premium in the system of compulsory social insurance of workers against occupational accidents and occupational diseases; 9) address the issue of communication of the disease with the profession in cases of suspected occupational disease, the diagnosis of occupational disease, and 10), inform decision-making in the prescribed manner of application of administrative punishment in the form of administrative suspension of activities of organizations and their branches, representative offices, departments, industrial facilities, sites; 11) consideration of suspension of operation of buildings or structures, machinery and equipment, implementation of selected activities (operations), the provision of services because of an imminent threat to life or health employees; 12) to address issues and disputes related to ensuring safe working conditions and the investigation had taken place with industrial accidents and occupational diseases; 13) measures for the proper ablution and preventive ensure employees of the organization; 14) justify restrictions of labor for certain categories of workers; 15) included in the contract of employment characteristics working conditions and workers' compensation for work in heavy, harmful and (or) dangerous conditions; 16) study of planning and financing of measures to improve working conditions and safety organizations, including through funds for compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases; 17) establishing a data bank of existing conditions at the level of the organization, municipality, executive authority of the Russian Federation and federal level; 18) activities for the implementation of the federal executive body authorized to conduct public supervision and monitoring of compliance with labor laws and other legal acts containing norms of labor law; 19) of the measures envisaged by the legislation of liability to persons convicted of violations of the law on labor protection. .