Highly flexible, self-adhesive, beautiful and extremely economical renewable energy, shut-down of the nuclear power stations by 2022, opportunities for energy savings – all with discussion topics discussed in recent times more and more in the highest political bodies. But what can you do at home with him in order to save energy – the answer is simple and briefly represented – because counting on annual electricity costs conversion to LED-lighting – lighting-related electricity costs occupy ranked second in a private household. The company elba electronics from Heroldstatt specializes in this context (even) energy-saving possibilities of indirect lighting. One of the novelties of just this product range is controller, power supply, remote control and of course the high-quality RGB LED Strip the RGB LED complete set (www.ledlager.de/ RGB-LED-stripe..) consisting of a RGB. The advantages of this type of indirect lighting are obvious, because in contrast to products with conventional light bulb only 7 consumed a such RGB LED complete set Watts at 60 LEDs per meter LED-stripe. Likewise are RGB LED Strips in the maximum warm, i.e. no matter where the stripes are appropriate – there is no danger of fire or Braising. The colors red, green and blue in an LED chip very many different colours, also in the independent Exchange can be generated of the RGB LED strips are due to the high flexibility, practically to any desired length to cut the strips of self-adhesive back and the possibility of virtually unlimited.. .