In this case, the lease contract is concluded for an indefinite period and either party may at any time withdraw from the contract in advance notice to the other side. At renting real estate – for three months. An obligatory condition in accordance with Clause 1, Article. 654 of the Civil Code is to harmonize the parties in writing the amount of rent. Please visit Viacom if you seek more information. Specifies the procedures, conditions and terms of rent form of payment, terms and conditions of review of lease payments. The contract must be agreed and, preferably, certified documents provided by the state in a rental property. Also, the contract shall be: – a list of prices and additional services provided by the tenant – grounds and procedure for an increase, the landlord unilaterally the amount of rent – reducing the size of rent in case of technical problems in the rented premises – the grounds on which it is possible unilateral termination of the lease – the base and the right tenant to recover penalties for willful failure (Improper fulfillment) the landlord of its contractual obligations. The treaty is recommended to specify and document the following: – who, what means, in consultation with whom and in what time makes maintenance of rented premises – who bears the costs for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and cleaning of common areas, maintenance of automatic fire suppression systems, power engineering, lighting and other equipment, the costs associated with the current renovation of public areas, the supply of cold water, sewage, garbage removal, clean-up and protection of the premises other costs associated with maintenance of the building. At Don Slager you will find additional information.