To start enjoying the benefits answer surveys for money free, first thing you should do is find information about these sites. Abound in internet forums of discussion on this issue. Participate in them will give very good information about which are the best sites to enroll, those who pay with gifts, or which is better to avoid. Select as many survey sites for free money as you can, and then enroll them filling out tax forms with the information requested. It is recommended to always register with the same username and the same password, to avoid confusion or delays with the loss of them. The site will ask you if you want to fill in a questionnaire to establish your profile. Needless to say that it is more than necessary to not let it incomplete, because the polling used this information for precalificarlo as a candidate to receive the surveys. Is indeed an important information that many do not send you nothing if it is not complete, so you will lose money by not taking a few minutes in complete it.

It is also desirable to have an email especially for the paid surveys, because in this way you will have together all surveys for money free and reply in the shortest possible time. This is important because it will prevent overloading your regular mail many surveys. Another advantage of answer quickly is that the polling usually send you the invitation to participate in surveys to many more people than are really necessary for the market research they are doing, because they generally have very little time to analyze the results. This is why some paid surveys have expiration date, and some pay extra for answer in the shortest possible time. If not answered quickly, perhaps miss the opportunity to do so and thus the money that should have won.