If you are known in your Office for being an extraordinary multi-tasking, make your job easier by letting the computer do the work for you, with the Dragon 11 Professional Wireless, the latest offering from Nuance, a world leader in speech recognition software solutions. The average business professional can talk much faster that you can write. The use of voice recognition, created by Nuance, software immediately increases productivity, without a large initial cost: the dream of a businessman made reality. In addition, Dragon Naturally Speaking cannot write bad a Word, something that cannot be said in the majority of companies (myself included). Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. Not only Dragon 11 turn your voice into text; the program can also be used to make several computing tasks easier. Dragon 11 Pro has been designed specifically with the professional user in mind, performing simple but little productive, how to write emails. These tasks can be achieved by using commands of voice.

Imagine sitting on your desktop and simply say to send email to and that your e-mail client opens, fill in the details of the recipient, and then dictate the body of your message. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. Then tell send and that instantly and automatically, it is done. On an average day, how long can it save? We could then say search the Internet. Once again, your browser opens, the preferred search engine is populated with the search term, and results appear by magic production control. You can even maneuver through the results using the voice. In a fast paced environment, productivity of voice software is often used to delete the task of manually transcribing audio to text recordings. With Dragon 11, you can skip this step and directly dictate in your computer since it includes the Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth Wireless Headset. Dragon 11 Professional Wireless goes one step further, what allows you to move your Office, without ties to the computer via a headset cable. Imagine everything you can do while you are dictating a message from email to your computer instead of typing the message. Don’t even have to be in front of your computer: with the cordless handset included, you can walk around your Office and perform their responsibilities of management as it it verbalizes an email on your wireless device.