The main purpose of the primer – creating a firm grip of the upper layers of coating with the painted surface. Paint is needed to regulate the moisture content of wood, giving the window a better appearance and ease of care. As the system finishes are becoming more common translucent coatings – a new system of finishing with two components: a primer and a thick glaze or varnish. To date, there were also applied new technologically convenient system staining. We are talking about the weather resistance and environmentally friendly water soluble acrylic paints with very short drying time under natural conditions. Integral part of the wood windows are glazed from both conventional as well as from special, so-called selective, reducing heat loss (hard – to-dripping, soft i-glass). By varying the different kinds of glasses and films with heat-reflecting and the other coatings mezhstekolnym length and composition of gas-filling insulating glass, wooden windows can be fabricated with desired characteristics. Special glass (reflex, laminated, reinforced, tempered), and special film coatings provide: * the strengthening of glass; teplosberezheniya * * shading * Toning * fire.

Application in the window design of special drainage devices (Weir) and sealing profiles allows the internal ventilation and protection from external moisture less protected bottom. Modern sealing profiles made of silicone, thermoplastic and plastomers others provide a snug fit for a long time, have good integrity. They are durable, resistant to temperature changes. In modern wooden windows use high-quality Fittings of various foreign manufacturers from Germany, Austria, USA, the Scandinavian countries. For a modern wooden windows have developed a range of accessories: bed nets, blinds, shutters, and more hardware, increasing the functionality of windows. It should be noted that the wooden box amenable to repair even after 50 years of service. Summarizing the above, I would like to once again list the criteria for which is determined by the highest quality wood windows: * high-quality source material, dried to the required moisture content in compliance with the required technology * High aesthetic properties of * ecological * Processing wood with modern materials for advanced technology, modern materials * color in modern technology, * the use of modern construction as the entire window as a whole and its parts; * Application high-quality components of glass / glass, accessories, sealants, etc.