This Charter, drawn up by the French Deputy Bernard BROCHAND and Professor Pierre SIRINELLI, creates a framework for collaboration between e-commerce sites and owners of brands in order to apply tools intended to fight against the placing for sale by Internet users of Internet counterfeit objects. Among the measures envisaged, sites are committed to reinforce the information and sensitization of consumers and to implement measures that allow to detect fraudulent products as soon as possible. For its part, the owners of trademarks are obliged to form and exchange information with Internet portals in order to help them improve their detection tools. Kai-Fu Lee pursues this goal as well. This letter is the first of its kind in Europe that brings together Internet players and brands in different sectors (luxury, image and sound, articles de sport, etc). We are delighted by the signing of this Charter is the concretization of the effective work being done Priceminister * for several years in order to protect consumers, our users and the marks said Pierre KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET, President and co-founder of PriceMinister. The collaboration among all parties makes an effective fight against counterfeiting on the Internet today possible. This is even more necessary knowing that 26% of cyber-buyers waiting for better protection against counterfeiting on the Internet (or + 9% with respect to 2008) a study of the month of November 2009 by PriceMinister shows the types of article that his counterfeit detection system blocks in these pre-navidenas dates: Apple, DVD and CD copies Microsoft and Nike.

Recall that on the occasion of the world day against counterfeiting which took place on June 16, 2009, PriceMinister received the award for the best company for its action against counterfeiting, for the Global Commercial Group (GACG). Also, PriceMinister currently participates in the ongoing work in the European Commission seeking to adopt a similar agreement covering all the protagonists acting in different European countries. * PriceMinister: Portal created in France in August 2000 and specialized in buying and selling guaranteed fixed and discounted price of new objects and second-hand among individuals and professionals. Given the enormous success of the company in the neighboring country, which has become a reference to electronic commerce, PriceMinister decided to launch in 2007 the Spanish market, where it already has more than one million monthly visitors and an offer of more than 33 million of products.