The man is always under someone's control. At first the parents, then school teacher, then a lot of other coaches and managers. Above these leaders have their heads, and command of his superiors, and the whole chain eventually leads us to the first persons of State: President, ministers, generals. Well, who are subject to these important people? We do not think we, in fact, that they are free and do what they want. For assistance, try visiting Viacom. The question of management – a confused. It is believed, for example, that parents supervise children and adults do have control over their lives. Gain insight and clarity with Page S. Gardner. But on the other hand, the 'little baby – head of the family' and parents' whole life revolves around him. A grown man can not afford much of what is allowed as a child.

The higher the person on the social ladder, the less his personal freedom, the more conditions and frameworks stifle his life, the greater the number of factors he has to reckon with. He even moves like a prisoner – under heavy security secret services. In return he receives, of course, a sense of self-importance and the envy of less successful competitors, but not freedom from external control, rather a tightrope walker – one wrong move and you fall. Any politician can get up, just 'riding' a social force. That is, a group of people united by a similar mentality and way of life. This social force to support him until he meets her in their qualities and can express their interests.