The Japanese Sony megafranquicia recently announced officially the Playstation Portable 2, with code name NGP (Next Generation Portable). This new handheld console (at first glance) is a worthy successor of the PSP. The announced graphics capabilities are impressive, very similar to the PS3. Apparently the company is willing to maintain the success they had with the PSP, since they have released a product that has surprised more than one. After some assumptions of its features finally there is much information going around about what we see and what we can expect for this console, by its graphics capabilities and processing seems to be that it will focus on the demanding players. But what is what makes it so special? In this article analizaremos features of the portable new that concerns us and responderemos questions that probably have many on this new Sony console. What features of hardware and software do you have? * High resolution touch screen with technology OLED with a reolucion of * connectivity Wi-Fi * 3 G connectivity * sensitive technology SIXAXIS motion Control (as the first that came out with the PlayStation 3) * electronic compass of three axes integrated GPS * front and rear cameras * classic buttons on the PSP, but has been added another analog stick, to have one of each side * service Liveareasettings and application Near * integrated microphone * stereo speakers capacitive screen multi-touch in the rear part of the appliance * your CPU is an ARM Cortex-A9 core (quad core) * will have a graphics (GPU) SGX543MP4 + processor on which format will come from the games? We will not have more UMD, the NPG uses a new and small flash memory designed especially for her which contains the games. Presumably in these reports may also save extra content (we suppose may be downloaded from the Internet), that will allow us to save games and the players progress.