but he forgot the words Pasechnik, spoken clearly influenced Grifters, such as a low voice: "From this cluster, probably will not be no … "That's right you get! And then there's the drones and F B was forced to live a long time! Well first drone B somewhere through the locks of his wife went to buy a second drone is F and the secret police Herra Pu can not find … Roll Chivokunya to this charity Pu request. "Serve, a pretty penny!" Well, you just picture of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov." Apparently the holiday-anniversary of the poet reading his faithful Chivokune benderka, the brilliant words of yurodivenkih … What the hearth-and-yte! So no, it sent the Pu propose to Kidal. Come, they say, she will be Princess and Prince are you patched.

Chivokunya and ran into a matchmaker he pu his godfather allocated and still in the old Kravchuk Podbrehuvachi row. Almost persuaded Kidal in a new relationship. Duck she, the bitch, has demanded the marriage contract. And it is all painted, that Chivokunya already stunned by the future happiness. He was already on holiday and Zinetullu invited and appointed wedding day, and promised to beat nebolno Pasechnik, and his bees … Lord, because we have forgotten and that is not the place Chivokunya kissed a child, so he threw the Kidal. Poop at the poor little daunting undertaking to unleash – saw threw Herra Pu charmed? She's in the contract wrote that "any decision Grifters Chivokunya must approve, and unapproved Chivokuney solutions must immediately threw declare laws. In the case of two such disapproval Chivokunya lose the right to approval and shall be entitled only to the snot-screams yes memorial song.

" Poor old Chivokunya, you would have remembered how Pasha threw parted (as much in America woke up!) I was silent about Danilych, about the poor … But Pasechnik warned Kashchei Immortal in 2004 that planted Kidila all … Here we go again Bodrenko threw all told me that men have wimps and scared of the crisis … and again it alone unites the country! In general, it is – our national IP. Beautiful and tasteful! And again Chivokunya snot chews on the background of "orphaned so poor, yes ailing pilgrims walkers ":" Serve, holy fool penny … "