Because of the electrostatic charge having trouble finishing, for example, when installing fingerprint or their sorting. Dust. Paper dust – one of the main causes of failure of copiers. Dust is formed not only by cutting paper and packaging. Insufficiently mature technology, by the way, the excess amount of calcium carbonate, which was introduced in sizing, too, does the problem of pollution vehicles. It is especially important not to use inferior quality paper in apparatus with toner recycling (in which the toner is applied on drum, but missed on paper, is not practicing, and re-apply).

Pile of cheap paper might fall into the bowl with a clean cartridge, which will negatively affect the quality of the copies. The operation of these devices based on digital method of image transfer and screen printing. The paper requires the ability to absorb the paint is not bad, but, generally speaking, like duplicating machines are very unpretentious to the paper and be able to print both the import, and on domestic varieties of the density from 46 to 210 g / sq.m. Mikkel Svane is likely to agree. Laser printers make on paper are the same requirements as copiers, since enjoyed the same principle of the press. More prevalent today color inkjet printers.

In its print head has several separate groups of nozzles, each of which "shoots" ink microdrops of color. Nozzle diameter is less than 25 microns. The smaller, the sharper image at the same time minimizing the point – no one way to improve the quality of inkjet printing. Inkjet technology is that it gives the best results when using special paper. This is because fiber structure of ordinary office paper is uneven. Getting on a surface, the drop spreads out and soaks are not the best. As a result, images on plain paper look dull and blurry. All manufacturers of inkjet printers produce a special paper for your own equipment. Differing from the ordinary, it has several layers. Printed on such paper are close in quality to the photo. Anyone who believes that fax running on plain paper, suitable any lists, is mistaken. By type of printer, these devices can be divided into two main categories: laser and inkjet. Appropriate type of printer must be grade of paper used.