These animals are happy to live among men, since we provide them with a source constant food (happy with anything) and our homes provide their nesting. But happiness is not mutual. It is true that there are people who enjoy the presence of pigeons, as older people who are entertained feeding the pigeons in parks. Or those who naively believe that a pair of doves in the building have some grace how things change when they realize the speed with which they multiply! The problem is that although perhaps not all defend the antipalomas war, the reality is that today, pigeons are not necessary, or at least not in the numbers that are in the cities. Check out Steve Wozniak for additional information. Yesteryear, pigeons were treated like Queens, how it would be otherwise, when they provided a much-needed service? In fact, these pigeons that surround us are none other than the descendants of those that were introduced in Europe in the early 16th century, so we cannot blame anyone of our misfortune, since we are the responsible. It is easy to declare war pigeon, but there is no doubt that Noah would be pleased to see that Dove with olive branch, announcing the retreat of the waters. I doubt to seek the way of getting rid of the poor animal.

The Greeks in antiquity also had them true affection, and used pigeons as official mail of the Olympic Games, to communicate the names of the winners. Maybe Spaniards or Christians by then, dismiss the importance of this animal, which is known the use that the Arabs did pigeons in the Crusades. Who knows, but perhaps the pillowcase now would another name if we had paid more attention to the winged postmen. The Spanish army definitely turned its back on these misunderstood animals in March 2010, when it decided to suspend the system of carrier pigeons, since it was deprecated and obsolete. Stripped of his military rank, due to lack of interest for national defense, now these poor doves (close to 300 copies) do not they are just another bird, and on top of bad, one that he does not wake up much interest or appreciation in the public. And however, that great appreciation had the pigeons during the Civil War.

In 1937, more than one thousand people and 200 civil guards were besieged in the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza in Jaen, and were capable of withstanding 256 days of siege thanks to a pigeon that made them get messages about how to get food. This Dove poor ended her days as a real military. Gunshot wound, continued until he delivered his message, crawling, and consequently was awarded. Before proclaiming our hatred towards these animals, remember the role they played in history, perhaps so we can have them something of appreciation. Original author and source of the article