However, preventing obesity, we can not prevent reduction of body weight geese. Only a well-well-fed poultry egg production is high. Therefore, in preparation for a productive period for grain forages add various types of premixes, as well as a considerable number of good lucerne or meadow hay, steamed clover, silage and root crops (potatoes, beets, carrots). Potatoes can be given raw, crushed. In the diet increased the number of legumes (peas, lentils), oil cakes, meals, as well as components of animal origin. Breeding season begins in geese February-March. During this period the diet of birds of about the same as in the preparatory. Feed the geese 03/04 vase a day, of which at least 2 times meshankami wet at night give the grain. Mashable has similar goals.

Table. 6 shows the exemplary standards of consumption of feed for geese in productive period, depending on the intensity of oviposition. In the productive period in geese increased mineral metabolism, so they should receive the rate of mineral mixtures. Crushed shell, limestone and Chalk included in the diet in an amount of 2,6-3% obesftorenny phosphate – 0,8-3, table salt – less than 0,5%. Vitamin saturation of eggs, depending on the vitamin content of feed – one of the factors contributing to the normal development embryos and a high output of goslings. Therefore, the first control level of vitamin A (retinol) and carotenoids in feed and eggs. Content and feeding geese also has a number of features. 20-30-day-old goslings contain heated rooms.

Per 1 square meter floor place on 10-20 goslings. After the first 20-25 days of rearing transferred to unheated poultry or shed with fenced pens. Per 1 square meter floor place on 4-5 goals. Litter is incised straw or other bedding materials. Sandra Akmansoy may also support this cause. Produce goslings on walking in warm weather follows from the first days of cultivation, walking on water – about 30 days of age. By the pond geese are taught gradually. Feed the geese mixed fodder with the addition of premixes, fresh herbs, wet meshankami of feed converted, boiled potatoes, greens. First 3 days of feeding meshankami, made from ground corn, ground screened out from the shells barley flour or other grains, wheat bran and greens finely. With the 3-day-old goslings fed fodder with greens. Feed for geese made from grains, protein (animal and vegetable origin) feed, hay flour, dried yeast and minerals. A good protein food for the geese is crushed peas. Greens for goslings (peas, clover, alfalfa, etc.) Mow in the morning and evening, when it is most fresh and juicy. Must have mind that the goslings eat poorly , and stale greens. Fresh grass clippings driving up the field and immediately handed out in solid form in the feeder nursery type, and part of it is ground (length 2-3 cm), avoiding frayed and fibrous, and fed in a mixture with compound feed. Fresh whole green goslings left in the nursery feeders for eating at night, especially early in the dawn. In separate feeders must constantly is a mineral feed and gravel. Feed the geese needed, adhering to the indicative consumption rates of green feed and the average per head per day.