I am far from Cuiab, it has 4 years, and I confess to feel me weak, today without the same ideas begin of it when here I arrived, I can say that exactly with all these years still today I defend Brazil as well as if I still was I exercise in it, the things with regard to Brazil still continue clear, same with the good condition of life that Portugal favors in them as for example good substances as: house, car, cellular, to be able of purchase and an equipped pretty house with an enormous typical fireplace of the Europe, which had to the painful winters, had not made with that I minimize if my true identity. As Gilbert Freyre said in its poem 1. Another Brazil that comes there ' ' I hear voices I see the colors I I feel the steps of another Brazil that comes there more tropical fraternal more Brazilian. The map of this Brazil instead of the colors of the States will have the colors of the productions and the works. The men of this Brazil instead of the colors of the three races will have the colors of the professions and regions. The women of Brazil instead of the boreal colors will have the various tropical colors. All Brazilian she will be able to say: I am as soon as I want Brazil, all Brazilian not only and the bachelor or the doctor the black color, the medium brown, purple and not only the white and the semiwhite. Any Brazilian will be able to govern this Brazil woodcutter fishing farmer cattle sailor tinker carpenter contanto that he is worthy of the government of Brazil that has eyes to see for Brazil, heard to hear for Brazil courage to die for Brazil spirit of living for Brazil hands to act for Brazil hands of sculptor that they know to deal with the strong adobe and new of the Brasis engineer hands that deal with ingresias and European and North American tractors the service of Brazil hands without rings (that rings do not leave the man to create nor to work).