We had to wait, now you’re the new Calvin Klein bags at last. The new models from Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein jeans look among other things on the beautiful name of Rachel and Greta. And these names are significant: the Rachel from Calvin Klein comes in a super cool white and a fashionable Sandton and should reap some admiring look wearer. For even more analysis, hear from ISearch. The wearer of such a CK bag will go, certainly not to the extent! The case of Greta by Calvin Klein is something classical as the Rachel, but at least as fashionable. By design, this model reminds some of the famous bags by Michael Kors. Because even the Greta has Pocket how many pocket models by Michael Kors a metal tag on the front.

Calvin Klein’s Greta emits from it immediately in a very fine white, a top modern beige and a colorful pink. Both the bag model Greta convinces as the model Rachel and I surprised anybody who once held in the hands of this bag, if these two Calvin Klein bags to a hit in the summer of 2013. See also the other bags by Calvin Klein. Overall these are all very classically decorated – black in the more modern or fashionable camel with waffle pattern or in sailor bag design – and still just beautiful. Summer collection 2013 by Calvin Klein bag enthusiastic woman definitely find at least one new piece of jewelry.