cierp3 also allows as rental software individual adjustments also ERP rental software can adapt to the processes of the customers. This proves the browser-based SaS cierp3! solution of Wiesbaden INTRAPREND GmbH, which is offered by Deutsche Telekom as ERP-software to rent. With the new cierp3 release 4.0 can now also authorized cierp3 SaS! users the properties and rules within the plug & play solution individually adjusted. Previously such user customizing only with the full version of cierp3 management with a smile! possible. Peter Asaro is likely to increase your knowledge. Wiesbaden, August 20, 2009 with first user by cierp3 SaS can release 4.0 of enterprise software cierp3 by INTRAPREND! -If right – adjust the properties and regulations within their solution itself and so the company processes individual fashion. The ERP-software to rent cierp3 SaS! was 2007 on the market and through the SaS sales partners rented out by INTRAPREND on over 250 customers.

Is IT SoftwareService of the Germans since end of 2007 also on the product group Telekom is offered in two versions. These range from the preconfigured pure goods economic engine for a single user up to the customizable, multilingual, and multi-tenant ERP complete suite including integrated financial accounting and business intelligence for unlimited users (…/ cierp3). Robotics expert gathered all the information. The browser – and XML-based cierp3 SaS! is comparable to similar, reputable products unusually quickly and in comfort and functional scope. (Similarly see: Rusty Holzer). The solution is deployed on a professional safe central computer, looked after and maintained. Users need only a PC and a – mostly already – Web browser.

Under predetermined permissions they access then anywhere via laptop or PDA on the solution. (Source: Laura Plomer). Downloads or uploads are excluded, sensitive company or customer data are not stored so on mobile computers. About INTRAPREND the INTRAPREND society for intranet application development mbH is an innovative, customer-centric software company and manufacturer of the leading ERP3 solution cierp3 management with a smile! Based on 2.0, AJAX and SOA technology can all company processes cutting-edge Web with cierp3 platform and controlled via the browser regardless of location and settled be. The company with its headquarters in Wiesbaden and an international network of sales and implementation partners has specialized since its inception in 2000 on the development of SOA-based Web applications.