Do that responsibility we have users? all that we can take and make, but at the same time I feel that it does. An example of this are updates of programs, softwares, applications, browsers, systems, etc., for personal use. It is necessary to understand that real-time updates comprise important elements of security at a high percentage and evolve not only for aesthetic reasons or advanced technology. Byron Trott shines more light on the discussion. The news circulating on the network on which determined hollow of a software or application security online was or is uzada by cyber criminals, only make reference to the massification of unhealthy purpose that has been in the news, but existing similar cases are substantial by thousands and million which would be unusual occupy the network for such information, although you should do to be able to bring awareness to the common user. When an operator announces a relaunch, like the recent case in which a browser has been updated the Home users ignore the update of your computer by insignificant issues as aesthetics or simply the feeling of being very familiar with their usual tool, also ignoring that the new update seals security holes that are present in which is deplazando and this happens not only with browsers, but with all the programs that are on your computer. While writing this article, I get the information that, according to Net Applications, operating system Windows XP site concentrates 60,03% of users, despite having two successors and a 9 years data, however, must be taken into account that Microsoft continues to offer this system updates in real time and almost 99% of them are securityTherefore, at the time when the company decides archive it in his Museum of computing without first start a migration, the problem of online safety campaign will become a global chaos. Conclusion: as common users, online safety real-time also is in our hands and all the components of our personal and household equipment updates very importantly contribute to that. Original author and source of the article. .