That was not his own body, let alone of their minds. "My son? My son? I have a son! "No, could not be true what I was hearing. "Probably, I'm dreaming, – he said, as she felt her brain repeated" A Son! You have a son – and looked at the picture in her mind was a thousand questions unanswered. All at once, without order, without logic. I did not understand anything.

But if something had no doubt, was that he seemed to be looking at a picture of him from his childhood. There could be seemed larger. Sophie also had, intentionally, a shirt and tie, like the one he wore when his parents got that picture, that since I could remember, was in a picture frame over the fireplace in your home. a l wore his school uniform. I was stunned. He could not utter a word.

I could not think. He could not move. He stared at the picture, as if time had stopped and they have been frozen in that position. "Alex," Sophie said softly trying to break the ice of the situation and placing her hand on his, "I did not come here to ask anything. Neither Joey nor I need anything from you. Pete is responsible to love and protect me as he knew from the day you left me and that I was pregnant. Energy Capital Partners London will not settle for partial explanations. Just felt you ought to know, and swallowing said "Someday, your son, maybe you want to meet you. They say that all the guys looking at some point in their lives to their biological parents and wanted you to be prepared for the occasion.