Those who do not want to participate in competitions, Muay Thai gives an opportunity to learn how to defend themselves on the street in a very short compared to other martial arts terms. In addition, studies suggest good Thai boxing stretching and only an excellent overall physical fitness. As a result – a beautiful and balanced development of the body. Portal of Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxing and watch. Do not forget the inexpressible coloring. As in any other "Eastern" style of martial arts, boxing, Thai has its own traditions, rituals and customs. Thus, for example, emphasizes the tattoo, and often original drawings cover a significant part of the body a professional boxer. Naturally, the random drawing is not here.

Shows the "magic" symbols and patterns, animals, especially quality are respected. The men genuinely believe that the headband (mongkon), a twisted piece of cloth and consecrated in a special way, has magical properties. And so it put before the battle on its head. Another, smaller one – "prodzhet" remains on the biceps and during the battle. Individual attention and movement, committed by Thai boxers before a fight.

These, as someone may seem to "dance" in reality are mantras that help achieve the "right" psychological state. And when the young man devoted to fighters, he must put flowers and joss sticks statuettes of Vishnu, thank a teacher gifts and money for execution, please cover the "clearing" for all present. In this particular teacher is revered, especially by Thursdays. Thursday for Thai boxers themselves a kind of "Teachers' Day." Despite the tradition of Muay Thai, in contrast to other Asian martial arts, is devoid of so-called "kata" – a set of consecutive exercise performed to music or simply wrong. Representatives of the martial arts is deservedly called them "dancing", "gymnastic antics" and even simply a waste of time. Website Thai boxing, kickboxing. But, by and large account in any "kata" Thai boxing and does not need. Entertainment and excitement in it, and so lacking. In Thailand, there is a channel that broadcasts the Muay Thai fighting day and night. There is, right on the scene quite often after the announcement Winner on points disgruntled viewers bombarded with athletes, officials, promoters and organizers of the bottles and other rubbish – the result of dissatisfaction with the audience, making a bet on the tote.