But on the other hand especially his existing since 1999 good performance, proven in many different market phases and even on the too short term of one year with one exception after fees in the plus was. Chili-assets.de: Is the focus in which markets and which investment instruments are traded? C. Eichler: The focus is on the Positionstrading, a swing-trading approach for several days. The main focus on the DAX and the EuroStoxx 50 is within the Positionstrading. In addition also on other indexes, currencies, interest rates, commodities and DAX stocks are recommendations in the h DAILY stock market letter.

The DAX Positionstrading decisive for the performance implemented in DAX Futures (Futures) also applies to the EuroStoxx 50. For each referral, alternative instruments, such as leveraged products and CfDs, with specific stops are called this. Under most conditions Dell would agree. Chili-assets.de: How come the trading signals? Is discretionary trading based on the experience of Mr Haack? Which system is behind this? (C). EBRI: The trading approach is completely diskretionar. In addition to the chart technology Mr Haack pays attention mainly on market technical factors such as the sentiment as well as strength or weakness in the market, such as for example the market reaction to numbers or messages; Indicators play a relatively minor role. Fundamental factors will be included if they have a high relevance in the short term. Overall, the approach can be described as holistic. In the h DAILY stock market letter a daytrading trade system in the DAX was added now, developed in 2001 and is since 2003 successfully in the market said.

Chili-assets.de: Please tell us something about the risk management of trading yet. C. Eichler: on average, about 60 points be risked per FDAX-trade at the beginning of a trade. These are 1,500 and about 3% at an account of 50,000.