This aspect is that it characterizes the religion as a phenomenon antropolgico partner independently of its same conceptualization and of its acceptance, making with that its intervention and interaction in the social life are presented as irreversible conquests. This social interaction of the religion that has beginning in the Roman State possesses of all the European States in the Average Age and consequently it is extended fierce to the countries invaded/conquered in the continents American and African. This interaction to say well does not mean the participation of all of the society and yes of the State, basically the nobility, since the peasants not even the religion of the noblemen had lighted. In the Modern Age in the Europe a movement appears of rupture between the State and the religion, with the rationalism and science, and will find the religion earning its more important component that it is to the aculturao of the peoples, mainly subsequent to protestant reform and to the aculturao of the religions to the new model of society, adaptando itself of the state devices and the effective economic system, locupetrando if of the social gaps and imposing if as alternative mainly in the occupation of the social services, education and health. Parallel to this we find in the states colonies the imposition of the religious faith of its colonizadores iron and fire, contradicting the proper reality lived in its native countries. This process of transformation starts to conceive the religion inside of a public aspect where it more is not restricted to the clergy and to the states, but, through the religious imposition of the State/Clergy starts to be public, passing the State to violently punish those that do not recognize this, through: holy wars, inquisition, escravizao, etc. LEGAL SEPARATION BEEN AND RELIGION the legal separation of the state religion for ocidente is marked more explicit with the French Revolution and if it spreads for the European continent with the privatization of the religion and its decline in the intervention of the State. See Motrola Razr 5G for more details and insights. .