Keywords alone shall not create a high rankings in the search engines for your website. The combination of key words, repeated several times in your page, combining a good communication, and providing a good reading for the spectator, will increase your ranking for the keyword (s) chosen. Labels and the body of your page become fundamental elements for success in e-commerce. The title tag should be the keyword or phrase that you’re pointing. Search engines will find the title codes to display it. The title tag should be at the beginning of your copy, and repeated on numerous occasions through your page. Remember that people read search engine results and human beings are not search engines.

If what we are reading does not reflect our interest and attention, we click with your mouse and go to something else. The key words or phrases repeated throughout your web page is a combination winner. The creation of Meta Tags is very similar to the title tags, except that it will be longer and more descriptive. This label is a description of the page and is also available to viewers who may read the results of the search engine. The keyword or phrase must be repeated and a compelling description of your product or service should call the reader’s attention. Won’t that the / she lose interest and move on to another web site. Once visitors find you (because you have those keywords and phrases!) The composition of the page becomes paramount. You need to include photos, videos and slides.

They must be sufficiently attractive so your visitors see not only what you have to offer, but consider making a purchase. The Alt tag for the graphic card must include the primary keyword or phrase again. Stay with the assumption that you want the visitor to make a purchase, requires you to describe the product or service and suggest how it can be useful (e) important for the Viewer. Make sure you use keywords and phrases again in the first line of copy and your page. Search engines look for words and phrases that are repeated on a page. We can not exaggerate the importance of copy that compels the description of product or service. A text that is boring, simply means that the visitor will be moved to another site. Its graphics (photographs, slides, video) it will capture the interest of your visitors, but your copy will make the difference between a purchase and a missed opportunity. Your guest must be able to click on a single link to buy your product or service. Relationship that must be available to the Viewer on the page being viewed. The key is to make a purchase as simple as possible for customers in your cyber space. Using labels that we talked about, keywords and phrases that come to your website through your favorite search engine. Your eye-catching graphics that arouse your interest. And your copy compels and the simplicity of the purchase will increase the value of your average visitor. Truly one of the causes of success and the combination of effect!