Possibly being the diet more healthy and varied, our Mediterranean diet covers a range of different cuisines and countries, which have in common the excellent pace that healthy raw materials with which a myriad of delicious menus are prepared. The incomparable flavor and aroma that olive oil contributes to all culinary preparations is one of the most noteworthy features. It serves also as seasoning or seasoning for many dishes, providing them with a very natural and pleasant taste. The proximity of the Mediterranean and the richness of life of our lands, make products such as fish and seafood, lean meats, poultry and eggs to retain its flavor and its intact nature to the plate properties. The importance of the Earth products such as cereals, vegetables and fruits has great importance in our diet.

Wheat bread and fermented beverages are two of the most representative examples. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Samsung has to say. The richness of you spices, makes it possible to reduce salt in meals without sacrificing taste. Some of the best-known are the Rosemary, thyme, oregano, Basil, pepper, mint and paprika. Culinary preparations ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate in an infinite range of delicious flavors. Among the simplest are vegetables, meat and grilled fish, grilled or baked. They can be spiced with garlic and parsley or accompanied with a lining. Some examples are the roasted vegetables, Braised Chicken with stew, scrambled egg or tuna with onions.

The preparations of meat, fish and pasta cooked on natural vegetable stews or sauces are one of the most appreciated. Examples include chicken with Ratatouille, the biscayan cod or spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, in this group the preparation begins to be something more complicated. Spoon-based vegetable dishes like stew or bean stew, and dishes such as paella rice constitute the Group of dishes tasty and appreciated, however, its complex preparation is leading us to a progressive homemade elaborations such abandonment. These preparations so healthy and tasty, they leave no gap in the diet for fried foods, burgers and other trends, that little by little we are moving away the traditional supply, greatly improving our nutritional status and health. The Mediterranean diet is the best example to assert that balanced diet healthy, do not have to assume an effort but a pleasure for the senses. Example of Mediterranean Menu: 1st dish: Verduras2 dish cannelloni: hake to Bilbainapan, a small glass of wine, water and dessert fruit. Without a doubt an example of menu healthy, rico and moderate in calories why not try?