In which section to place a child? Karate, aikido, Thai boxing, martial arts, capoeira … Many of us during our childhood, such a variety of sections did not even dream about! Modern life offers huge opportunities for development child and the parents do their best to take advantage of them and give their children the best. However, too wide range of educational alternatives is a disadvantage – sometimes very difficult to understand, that from itself is this or that section, and whether it is appropriate to your, this unique – the one and only, baby. Of course, each section will tell you that this is exactly what we need … But is it true? We try to understand This together with you, taking for comparison the most common and popular types of martial arts: karate, aikido, teykvon-do, boxing, wrestling and wushu. We will review the history of their origin and technical content, understand what develop the quality of your child or that practice and, more importantly, what advantages and disadvantages of each. By the same author: Mashable. So, you want to give your child a sports section … What you need to know? Why prepare? On what results to expect? Which in the end, I choose?! We will help you answer these questions.

Karate – Japanese martial art that came to Okinawa from China suspected in the Middle Ages. Stressing its Chinese origin, karate originally was called "China hands", but in 1929 the first character changed to tune, giving new meaning to the word – "empty hand". The nature of karate is largely due to severe circumstances that Okinawans suffered, and took shape as a result of their style in a bitter struggle against the Japanese invaders. In principle, it has been thrown out everything that did not have a specific applied research and served one purpose – to destroy the enemy. Therefore, in terms of diversity techniques, karate essentially loses all other types of martial arts: karate technical drawing rather scanty – block-kick, block-kick.