What is it with the Marinating on? Marinades flavor the meat and make it more delicate. On top of that, they are healthy. Studies have shown that fresh herbs such as Rosemary, oregano and Sage help reduce carcinogenic substances that can arise during grilling. Who the figure sake with fat too, choose yogurt as a base or buttermilk instead of oil. A marinade of soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil and garlic are beef and poultry seasoning and grilling a delicious glaze. Practical: Meat and marinade in a freezer bag and close. So comes the food in close contact with the marinade and crosses well. Important: No salt to say because it deprives the juice of the meat.

And the food always good DAB off before it is placed on the grate. Salt before or after grilling? Salt the meat cut liquid. Experienced Grill fans salt thus only afterwards. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. If before, usually immediately before hanging up. Some U.S. professionals, however, have a different method. Salt about 20 minutes before grilling. Their argument: The salt dissolves in the leaking meat juice on and connects to in the heat of the grill perfect spices, sugar, and protein components from the meat juices.

This creates a crust with an intense taste, an advantage that probably balances the moisture loss. What is taboo on the grill? Smoked and salted as Kassel, bacon, pork sausage, Bockwurst or Wiener sausages are not heard on the grill. Carcinogenic nitrosamines are formed at high temperatures. Professionals also avoid drain marinade or meat juice and oil in the fire. Because they can create so called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are also carcinogenic. The substances of risk of produced by burning, rise as steam and land on the food. A simple protection against: use when grilling trays. Generously cut away burned, too dark distressed areas. “More tips and great recipes for a successful barbecue party, see the book: Campfire – BBQ special”! Available at: you need a Kindle to Kindle books to enjoy.