The problems have not been invented to frighten people. Are there: the thinning of the ozone layer, deforestation, desertification, destruction of tropical forests, degradation of air, water and soil, noise pollution, nuclear and electromagnetic. The harmful consequences are inevitable: acid rain, greenhouse effect and climate change, loss of biodiversity and ecological balance … And what is worse, ultimately resulting in damage to the health of human beings themselves: cancer, respiratory ailments, genetic mutations, digestive problems, stress, etc.. In the current scenario, the new concerns of customers, both internal and external, to identify themselves more with protecting the environment.

For some years it is common to associate, at least in part, "quality of life" with the enjoyment of the most integrated environment and less polluted as possible. Clear water, clean air, silence, landscapes, … singular values are highlighted in the current concept of development of human societies and are increasingly taken into account when planning or implementing any economic activity. Any country through the state that governs it, must be committed to ensure the preservation of the environment, be aware, such behavior business sector, complying with legal regulations, obligations to ensure the environment must be protected, and the task of all: government, markets, businesses and the general public. As Margaret Thatcher said in the speech he gave in 1988 "The Earth can not be the fiefdom of any generation. The only thing we have is a lease for life, with the obligation to maintain it in perfect condition." In what many agree is that one can not reasonably draw an organic horizon behind the industry, since without their cooperation will not develop the technology to meet human needs with the least environmental damage possible. .