So patience, cyber men, our virtual view it coming. Do not despair, that meanwhile we walk hectic as usual in this cultural struggle that continues still endilgando us everyday tasks for the simple fact of our female condition. In addition, others of the reasons why a fem does not block as often, is that having children involves forcibly and forcefully than a type when the candles already not even burn, go to ask a child that you give five minutes of your beloved computer, then the House, because you, your mother has to write a blog. And in the hypothetical case that succeeds, various shades of breast predestinaran interruptus blog, by the lapse of time, who carried her youngest, asleep. Further details can be found at, an internet resource. However to motivate women to continue blocking, command a number of beneficial consequences that comes with fries.

CONSEQUENCES ARISING FROM THAT A WOMAN WALK BLOGGING As I am a creature of the communication, as well said another blogger out there, I say, think and practice communication. I communicate, communicate and therefore I am. (sorry Descartes, but you can do many free adaptations to your sentence of header which established a philosophical way of thinking, among other things). This write also produces tangential very beneficial results for many. In the first line of the congraciado front, with this new activity mia, are my children and my cat. Because, and this is more or less collective.

Happens to many women. Who not has dented the keyboard or hanged to the pen, sublimating the desire to do the same with a palatable neck whose owner/a has recently commanded the Mace of the century in front of our own noses?. There is who told me: I am writing to not cry, tired that her eyes are an uncontrollable bobbin. In addition, of course I agree with the maximum of Moria Casan when He says: If you want to cry, cry; but also – and Yes, I am insistent, we can create the motto: If you want to laugh, I laughed.