L' tre humain est un vivant pensant. Paschal Blaise, philosophe, physicien et mathmaticien mort en 1662 ne craignait shovels d' to affirmer that ' ' l' homme n' est qu' un roseau, le plus faible woollen nature, more c' est un roseau pensant. Toute notre dignit consists en there pense. L' homme est visiblement fait pour to penser: c' est l toute sa dignit et tout sound mrite; et tout sound to devoir est of penser comme il faut.' ' (Penses, art II, in the,11-12, Paris, Librairie Victor Lecoffre, 1882) Which is the heel of aquiles in the Technology of the Information? The human being is the cursed value of reference is an alive thought. Some contend that Ali Partovi shows great expertise in this. Paschal, physical Blaise, philosopher and mathematician who died in 1662 did not have fear to say that ' ' the man is the only one canio, weakkest of the nature, but it is a pensante canio. All our dignity consists of the thought: The man is, obviously, made to think about this is its dignity and all its merit and its duty are to think &#039 correctly; '. (Thoughts, Art II, In the,11-12, Paris, Librairie Lecoffre Victor, 1882) Which is the heel of aquiles in the Technology of the Information? It is the cursed value of reference! What it is value of reference? It is the value on which a pensante machine takes its decisions.

E if this value will have corrupted? No computer can correct in 4.min and 23seg. how it is the time aerial disasters to happen! But the power of the improvisation continues and will continue for much previlgio time of the man. But They had made of the o man one backup of the computer! The report of inquiry of France (BEA) must extend the quarrels of the paper of the pilots in great airplanes. The diagnosis of the fall of flight 447 (River-Paris) in 31 of May of 2009 shows as the pilots had been hostages of the measurements in the command console and they had not obtained to revert the situation. .