Beyond being a fad or a topic that has become treatable primarily a training program in any company, the culture of quality is a way of life, is a habit, an attitude. Easily many companies talk about providing quality products or have quality processes, however in most cases this is far from reality. To transform a company into an organization with quality, it must be assumed from the most essential being: its staff. Working with values and principles, which commit us to fulfill both employees and businesses, while respecting the environment and the community, ensuring that all products and services operate from the first attempt, and that since that first attempt, to comply fully with the function for which there are or were designed, no fuss, and if it is feasible at moderate cost, coupled with effective leadership that that involves, to support, intensive management and a strong commitment to continuous improvement is could say that we are almost on the other side, directed towards a real company with quality work.

Currently in the country have been developing interesting efforts in this regard, national and state awards for quality, some other internationals in which some Mexican companies venture to try to conquer, but the process is slow, ineffective, especially because in my opinion, is not accompanied by the essentials for a radical change in the way of acting and behaving: a quality education. If there is something we can leave a faint hope of future growth and development, is education. The next generation must think differently, act differently, believe more in themselves, respect the order and institutions, innovate, develop further, and so on. Education as the source of a quality culture has much to do..