It is no secret that one of the main factors affecting the sales of a manufactured product, is the proper design of packaging products. Label – one of the main elements of design packages. A quality label is stronger than attract the attention of the buyer, who took packages in hand. It is on the label consumer meets with the properties of the goods and gets another, he needs, information about a product, its characteristics and properties. Therefore, the label must necessarily be done graphically, on good paper or film. All these problems are responsible, self-adhesive labels (the labels on the basis of self-adhesive), and issued in rolls, while perfectly suited for automatic application of the moving packaging (cans, bottles, bottle, box). In addition, the glue is applied on the reverse side of self-adhesive labels, free production from many disadvantages associated with using conventional, so-called "dry" label and the usual cold and thermal adhesives. Clay must be purchased, delivered for production, maintain the necessary parameters during storage (humidity, temperature), heat in the process of applying, clean labeling equipment from its balances at the end of shifts, etc.

All these factors lead to an increase in the time and labor costs, and, accordingly, to reduce production efficiency. And the cost of machines to glue several times higher than the self-adhesive labels. And for the self-adhesive labels used less expensive labeling equipment. Also significantly decreases the time interval for changeover from one type and size of stickers, on the other. On this basis, the use of adhesive labels – the most successful solution labeling in modern industries.