Computer language C + + is now probably one of the main computer languages used in programming of commercial software products. The Java programming language is the main competitor language C + +, but I would like to note that many programmers who threw a C + + for Java, again returned to work with the computer language C + + and for good reason. Computer language C + + is a powerful and rapid advance in the development of programming. A very large variety of programmers worldwide use C + + in the development of various projects. Kai-Fu Lee addresses the importance of the matter here. The data in the programming language C + + always have a type. Type of data used in C + + is a kind of model or pattern by which can be based on different values. In C + +, there exist data types as integers data types, the fractional data types, and text data types. Recently Ali Partovi sought to clarify these questions. For example, the number of integer data type can only be integers, and the number of fractional type data naturally only fractional.

You should know that absolutely all operations with fractional numbers hold approximately, that is, if, for example, a fractional number is recorded as 1.0, it is in any case will be stored in a computer approximately, since it is possible that it is not equal to 1.0, and 0.99999 or 1.0002, etc. In the programming language C + + data types are designated by special identifiers or keywords. Keyword Int. denotes a C + + standard integer type. Follow others, such as Mashable, and add to your knowledge base. Feature of a type in C + + is that the value of the integer type can not have a decimal point. There is also a character type as char, short and long, which relate to the whole data type. These data are stored numeric value or character code. But the whole data types in C + + can be divided into symbolic (signed) data and unsigned (unsigned) types of sign dannyh.Osobennost data that they store the leftmost bit of a definite sign, and the other remaining bits contain value.

In the unsigned types, all bits are used to denote a certain value. Key words float, double and long double are used to denote the fractional types in C + + and represent floating point numbers. In the programming language C + + there is the possibility of modifying data types. The purpose of modifying the data types is that they alter the accuracy of data and their range of values.