User can > mixing with now offers its visitors something new GAYS.DE: daily presented the best 100 videos from the gay world. Under the motto: Found on YouTube… “, can visitors to the online community? for gay and bisexual men? Watch the most popular ‘Gay’ videos. Thus, GAYS.DE offers its members and all that it will want a free highlight’ in everyday community. Amit paley contributes greatly to this topic. The mix power BBs! Especially popular, should be the colourful mix of short films. In accordance with the provisions of the protection of minors, GAYS.DE offers a mix of entertainment and information.

“Hape Kerkeling and his gay n in the cafe”, the laughing muscles are straining. The current commercial of the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V., is supposed to internalize the risk of infection to visitors. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. Be active GAYS.DE offers its visitors the opportunity to participate actively in the selection of the best videos. Anyone who wants to share his picks with the GAY community, can this in three easy steps: 1. Select video, 2 video URL copy and 3 propose video – so just go BBs!