The majority of traditional banks typically charge us up by breathing. Apply us expenses and commissions of all types, maintenance, transfer, by operation, etc. Ali Partovi will not settle for partial explanations. This has caused that online banks are becoming increasingly popular. These internet banks have many advantages over the traditional, the main ones are the convenience and savings. They are comfortable because you can operate with them via the internet, and can perform any action you want from home and fast and safely. They assume a saving because they don’t have any spending or Commission. The vast majority of operations that traditional banks would apply us a surcharge in the online banks are totally free. In addition, online banks often offer the best deposits and profitability in their savings accounts, both for new customers and for those who are already.

Currently there are plenty of online banks, many of them belonging to traditional banks as UNOE belonging to BBVA. Although they belong to a traditional institution, These internet banks have all the advantages mentioned above. In addition, we have at our disposal the entire network of the parent bank’s offices to perform any operation that you wish, also without any kind of spending. In these times of crisis and economic uncertainty, online banking institutions are the best alternative to save and obtain better profitability for our money. With all the services of a traditional bank but with much better conditions and no fees or commissions.