In addition to enhanced brain-body relationship, help prevent and / or relieve colic, strengthens the digestive area, helps move the gas and to expel fecal matter, all this is due in part to the immaturity of the nervous system. Benfecios of infant massage is one of the most effective relaxation experience that can be offered to the baby. Is strengthened bonding between parents and baby. It strengthens the trust and communication with the baby. ssions such as these. Helps parents understand the needs of the child. It gives the baby a chance to experience new sensations. It stimulates the baby’s lung development and improves circulation. Relieves discomfort of cramps and releases tension.

Help gaining weight premature infants and helps breathing. Acts favorably on the immune system. Help the proper muscle tone needed to support his head, turn, sit up, crawl, walk, etc. The massage stimulates the production of endorphins, producing a pleasurable effect. Reduce your stress level. The importance of links The links of love and trust, the election of goodness, kindness, openness and respect inherent in the massage, go with the baby until it reaches adulthood.

These early ties of warmth and intimacy contribute to the formation of positive values and a subsequent positive performance. Source:, Schneider, V. (1989). Massage infatil. Ed Medici. We invite you to our infant massage workshop As parents there are aspects in the life of your baby may not know. The infant massage workshop, you will find to relate to you through touch. It is a new form of communication that will help them better known. In addition, meet sensory, motor and emotional development of your baby. And most importantly, learn how to set up a connection you may have with your baby. Our workshop is supported by the ICMI (International Association of Infant Massage) and the Network of Mexico Infant Massage (REMI). Get a free class! We offer infant massage workshop for babies 0-6 months. Through the program Mila Pats, teach and encourage support for parents so they can be closer to her and also, are considered their babies as conscious human beings, who deserve respect, tenderness, love and above all that they listen to heart because only then, will find what they want to know.