2. concrete in construction with subsequent compaction and razravnvaniem. 3.Na still fresh concrete, in the process of setting the mixture at the time of water absorption, causing coloring components, curing agent (30 colors). It is a mixture of stable pigments, binder and filler of ground quartz sand and granite. Due to the dispersion of the mixture of color hardener is an increase The density of concrete slabs, it excluded the micropores and, most importantly, become resistant color. Usually enough to two layers, each layer is rubbed, ensuring that the components of a water soaked and the surface became smooth and evenly those painted. 4.Sleduyuschim stage hydrophobic toner is applied, which prevents adhesion of concrete to the textured stamps, and also gives the surface an antique effect due to additional contrasting colors.

5.Pered start stamping is necessary to wait some time to get the concrete in the process of setting has a consistency resembling clay. Then you can start the most important operations: the more crude concrete laid texture rubber stamps (rolls of the matrix) and is forced gently with a hand tamper. 6.You set of concrete strength of the surface is thoroughly washed with water and acid washing is performed surface to obtain the desired combination of two colors. Thus there is a disclosure then the concrete, which also contributes to better interaction varnish-sealant with concrete. Finalized the application of varnish-sealant for concrete.

Using special plasticizing and air-entraining admixtures to concrete increases the frost resistance, disperse synthetic fiber reinforcement increases the compressive and tensile bending same time, eliminating the appearance of plastic and shrinkage deformation, cracks, delamination of the surface. Application of varnish-sealant can reach 100% resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Detailed information on the technology of structural concrete can be found at leading U.S. companies Increte Systems, as well as you can see video footage of this technology on site of construction company "Energia". Let us summarize and consider the main advantages of decorative concrete: 1.Poluchennoe decorative coating is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab, construction of which meets the requirements of building standards of the cis countries. 2. plate holds with reinforced steel mesh and synthetic fibers. 3. application of modern air-entraining admixtures concrete mixture has a higher rate of frost resistance (more than 300 cycles of freezing – thawing). 4.Krasyaschy component (dye hardener) is applied to the surface of fresh concrete, resulting in a full colored layer is the body of reinforced concrete slab, has a high resistance to pressure and abrasion. 5.Poverhnost stamped concrete is resistant to aggressive media. 6.Dekorativnoe coating allows you to create a surface that simulates natural materials. Variety of shapes, textures and colors provides an opportunity to emphasize the individuality and character of a country house.