In countries with recurrent macro crises, which by effect of globalization suffer the direct and indirect consequences of the results of the world economy, consolidation of regional agreements that strengthen openness to international trade show a less than stable countries growth, is necessary. This not only creates welfare gains for consumers, but allows you to take advantage of the economies of scale arising out of access to larger markets and promotes the ongoing search for greater efficiency. Undoubtedly, political power is accountable to the whole society, to defend their interests, and should orient its economic policy to the pursuit of social development, with emphasis on improving unemployment rates, investing in health, education, and upgrading its technology. All economic policy should be clear about their priorities and every citizen, each elector, must demand of their rulers information seriously and responsibly, avoiding the handling of this discipline as something proprietary from certain specialists in the matter, somewhat inaccessible to the knowledge of the ordinary citizen, which is provided no explanation in a language understandable, Frank and sincere. Society must claim the ruling, precise definitions on their social policy, when these policies are assumed and incorporated into the Government plan, must be conditional orientation economic and fiscal, subordinating them to the social commitment.

Economics and politics come together in the pursuit of social welfare, the order of the factors in this case alters the product, is not the company that is at the service of the economy and fiscal policy, but these are the tools to use to achieve the goals that society has been proposed, understand this principle is fundamental. Mashable wanted to know more. May a priority for the political system have in the coming years?.