As it is customary in many of the programs that we use on a daily basis each time that happens an error, this error has a code that identifies it. Independent of this situation many users and even many of account managers is makes them something quite complex to be able to differentiate between the various problems which may be generated when you log into Hotmail or with the account itself: difficult to differentiate, for example, between a blocked Hotmail account, a Hotmail account hacked and a frozen Hotmail account. Usually problems with page, but it happens that when a Hotmail account blocked attempts to be accessed by the owner of the same, this delivers a message where it points out that the account has been blocked. What can we do in these cases? The blocking of a Hotmail account can obey many situations, to which typical errors of connection problems or problems are included on the same page, either because it is in maintenance, update or which, in the worst of the cases, this being intervened. In all these cases a message account blocked all users, noting that it corresponds to a temporary error is displayed.

The first thing should be to us a message of blocked account, is wait for that error actually corresponds to a temporary technical problem. If you’ve waited for more than two hours or until the next day and had still the same problem, the first thing you should take care is not accessed from a public place or a Cyber-coffee, since it may be that the problem is due to a conflict from these businesses, what happens much because many accounts are reviewed from these places. It is therefore recommended that be open from home. If error continue to emerge, what can be done is to test the income of another account, to so check if it is that the problem is general for all accounts or correspond only to this account in question. In addition to this you must make sure to have an updated antivirus and have the possibility of revising downloads, files, and web content for be able to give us features if it is this problem corresponds to a Trojan horse or computer worm. Finally, if it is that at some point you have entered to unofficial sites that claim to allow you to see who or whom you have deleted or blocked Hotmail, perhaps the problems you are having are with regard to this since many of these services are of type malicious, so most likely they have performed illegal work with your account. For this the most appropriate solution is to contact you with onsite service for Hotmail, which you can find by going to. We invite you to learn about Hotmail and become part of this great community by entering and signing in to.