He asks questions. These questions help employees better understand its task, to look at it from a new perspective, to find the most effective way of solving it, as well as to find all the resources necessary to implement this decision in life. It is important here is that in the process of answering the questions staff have already included in the process of solving its task, that is the problem becomes his own. In this case, staff sometimes opens a completely new opportunities, resources and quality, which were later used for his work. Thus, an employee in the maximum uses all his skills, all of its resources. Most prominent and emotional component.

In the process of coaching staff is more aware of the situation and requirements management. He assumes responsibility for their actions. In addition, he sees that his own vision of the situation and his opinion is of some importance for the head. All this naturally motivates a person, which, in turn, positively affect the productivity of its work. Manager of these questions, which he defines in the process of coaching, allow to clarify for myself how well it correctly officer learned the task, how involved in the process of its solution, as well as to learn what you need this employee to be more productive than in what he can to help. Coaching process takes much less time than the detailed instruction, but He is much more effective.

In addition, the process of coaching to enhance the prestige leader in the eyes of his subordinates. Thus, we can say about coaching as an effective interaction between managers and employees in to address the challenges facing them. Any changes, both internal and external coaching will allow employees to quickly adapt to these changes and find ways to improve its efficiency in new conditions to find the resources to meet the new conditions, to achieve maximum self-realization. Coaching does not replace the education and training, but it is perfectly compatible with them and makes maximum use of their effect on practice. Coaching – is something that allows employees to continually develop in accordance with the terms dictated by the modern business.