Since the arrival of Barack Obama at the White House, the concern for the environment has become more evident than ever. Agreements like the Kyoto Protocol so far not ratified by the greatest world power, and that is expected to receive U.S. support over the next year, lead firms to include in their budgets are more environmentally friendly policies. One of the actors has more to say at this point is the technology sector, providing all types of organizations, the necessary solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, make data centers consume less energy or End Use excessive paper. This last point may seem paltry compared to the previous two. However, despite the advancement of new technologies, the role remains one of the main vehicles of information dissemination and consumption worldwide continues to grow, causing harmful effects on the environment: excessive logging of trees, limiting biodiversity, use of chemicals that damage our environment and health … To broaden your perception, visit Mashable.

Control of impressions: a simple solution to a complex problem Technologies ‘green’ have been placed on the agendas of managers of major national and international organizations. And although significant progress has been made, remain a major challenge. This is due to two factors: the large-scale technological projects have been launched and the cost they entail, and that can only be addressed by large-sized companies. Today there are other ways much cheaper and easier to implement with which we can be respectful of the environment and at the same time, can bring important cost savings.