Indexing in search engines for two days! Two Easy Steps! It all began with registration in the affiliate program. For this affiliate program, I decided to create a separate site. Decided to create his own, plus registration domain and hosting is not very fast, so went to the free hosting Step1 Within 10 minutes logged, chose the name of the site, design pages and everything! Get ready for the work site. After spending a couple of hours to create the first context in the pages of your site, I got ready for the work site. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. For whatever the site is its search engines to index. What I did have Yandex and Google on the new site.

But as you know, Search engines index sites in two four weeks. My first site was indexed in four weeks, the second in three I would not expect so much for so long, besides also ucoz blocking site from being indexed within month, in the file robot.txt. Next I did: I took off my monthly lock ucoz worth is just $ 3, plus received: – Disk Space +800 Mb. – Bonus communications support service – 1 month. – ftp access. – Download Size – 60 Mb (only via FTP). – Ability to hide the counter statistics.

– Ability to attach files to e-mail forms. – In the absence of traffic the site will not be deleted. Step2 Launched contextual advertising on Yandex Direct, and launched a slyly. First, gave the ad on the product itself. Secondly, sent to a page on the affiliate program. I got the result? Stream of targeted traffic immediately in two directions, the goods and partners. Yandex and Begun indexed my site on the second day of existence of the site! Google and Google AdSense came on the third day. Aport in the fourth. Fifteen people signed up for my affiliate link, plus one sale in four days! (Maybe for someone it's not much, but for me, beginner in the Internet business, a real breakthrough!) During these four days I have improved my site. Good luck, Dmitry