Generate knowledge on the basis of the information the Selenne Business Intelligence solution generates business knowledge through practical and simple solutions Business processes intelligence allow to improve the effectiveness of organizations through incrementally analyze raw and real time information. The large amount of information that occurs daily in a company, is outstripping the ability of analysis and management, overflowing the current tools and generating late replies to the pulse of the market and competition. For this reason, the solutions of Business intelligence and dashboards, are becoming a real alternative to this new problem. These information technologies, have existed for many years and are being adapted to small and medium-sized enterprises by improving the technology in engines of databases, reducing the costs of servers and by new existence of technology based companies that develop these tools. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. Earlier systems of Business Intelligence were thing of large transnational and today they are accessible by all companies. The transformation of basic or raw data into dynamic groupings based on the multi-dimension, KPIs, and restructuring of information into knowledge is the fundamental basis of the systems of Business Intelligence, a revolution of the information in the 21st century. Are they easy to use Business Intelligence systems? Yes, once they are properly developed ETL processes and technology base; You can recompose with ease and semantics every need of the Organization, providing high levels of autonomy in management which include the construction of their own Dashboard.