4. Paid content Conference of the Academy of the German book trade have micro payment, metered – or freemium model with paid content media companies now some experience. But although it has many publishers already, to establish digital offers in its portfolio, the hoped-for sales can often to wait. And the investment in the development of software solutions, apps, E-books, online portals and co. are already not yet amortised. What new business models and subject there to further optimize the digital business? Where exactly can media companies apply and develop additional paid specials existing products? And what makes sustainable marketing and customer loyalty models? These and other questions are the focus of the 4th paid content Conference more cash by optimizing how can publishers improve their digital revenues? “, the Academy of the German book trade on the 24 October 2012 at the Literaturhaus Munich organized.” Leading industry experts in lectures and interactive show Round tables, as professional and special-interest publishers can help improve their digital business, to get more cash. Topics of the meeting include: freemium, micro payment and co.

international trends in paid content models in-app sales to extra services behind the paywall: Erlosorientierte product development monetize mobile content! Best app design, Tablet optimization and co. marketing: freemium models succeed, B2B solutions convince etc. Conversion and E-Commerce optimization: Prospective buyers make optimized pricing and the right Paymentsystem innovative customer retention strategies: alternatives to the classic Abomodell the event is aimed at experts and executives from (technical) publishers and media companies, as well as to employees in the areas of new media, business and product development, design, marketing and sales, who comprehensively want to learn about the latest developments in the area of paid content. Speakers include Dirk Beckmann (managing partner, artundweise), Werner Muller (Managing Director, GBI-GENIOS Deutsche economic data bank), Emanuel Hoch (user experience – international coordinator, Zaatari), Nils Oberschelp (Managing Director and publishing Director, G + J), Katrin Siems (Vice President Marketing & sales, Walter de Gruyter), Daniel Tschentscher (Director of business development, Wall Street Journal), Matthias Wissel (Managing Director, new media & IT, Springer, Heidelberg). The day will be moderated by Dr. Marco Olavarria (managing partner, Kirchner and Robrecht management consultants).