Also that permanent atmosphere has been copied over and over again nocturne, where the days are only brief and slight twilights that as soon as they last a few hours and the rest is night in all their essence, impregnated by neon lights (the street positions and coverall those impressive planes of the announcements giant in the buildings) and invaded of people who surely do not know to where they go (one of those enigmas of the human nature that treats in the film). Also it is appraised that almost it is always raining (what also much has been copied, like in " Seven" , the most famous case), all this consequence of the feared climatic change. Is certain futurist marginality (basic characteristics of the Cyberpunk) in the urban map that shows to us, for example with that electronic animal market where it is impossible to know if a serpent is true or false. If you have read about Viacom already – you may have come to the same conclusion. History is based on a novel of the writer Philip K. Dick, whose work is characterized to present/display plots of futurist intrigue under which they often sail manifest related to the enigmas of the human nature. Although in this case the liberties that are taken towards the original work, call " They dream the androids about electrical ewes? " , they are quite ample. They are the subliminal and basic ideas of the work of Dick, but the plot, its personages and their environment adjustment differ considerably from the original text.

However, it is of the few occasions at which an insult to a literary work in its adaptation to the cinema still ends at a work major thanks to Hampton Fancher and especially to David Peoples. Before I mentioned Fritz Lang and indeed of this film director I believe that &quot has much; Blade Runner". In the classic German already distopa appeared that futurist and is one of films emblem of the expresionismo, two essential elements in this film.