Yet all this interconnectedness city remains the scope of reference of the knowledge society and where there is competition for the global economy. Cities like the territory are no longer the place of a set of resources that can be exploited and transferred without restriction, now the cities are places that affect the competitive ability of the socio-economic system that welcomes. The city has ceased to be a geographic location to be a complex dynamic structure that actively participates in the creation of resources and competences and place where society undertakes new knowledge, which implies that it has to be a centre of strategic management within the framework of a global economy. First thing a city must do is exit on the map, it has to be a point of reference, a pole of attraction to achieve this has having concepts, capabilities and connections. The city has to be quick to anticipate the negative consequences that the rapid diffusion of new technologies may cause that there are imbalances between population centers and other productive activities. The strategy of the city should be the use of resources that provide them with knowledge and their interrelations and the universities are places that can be the basis of such knowledge, but for that the knowledge management must be fluid, must be compatible participation and pluralism represented in the organs of the Universityimprove research and have a better relationship with the society.

Scientific knowledge is not subject to the borders of the countries, with which process innovation and methodological innovation in products, infrastructures that may have a company in a territory determine the technological power of that territory. Changes with extraterritorial effects may be observed in electronic commerce and in telework. There are companies that only sell their products via the Internet, Dell, which also make it by phone and Amazon are two clear examples of this type of companies, being more dangerous competition, direct selling companies because they can provide permanently up-to-date electronic catalogues and more rapid distribution to lower prices. There are authors who defend hybrid system sales by cyberspace and geoespacio will be the triumph. Internet allows you to improve the image of the company’s face to the customer and to the accionitas. Substitute visits and telephone calls by visits to web pages and electronic the mail.

It makes it possible to know you all over the world at a very economical price but that must be a good positioning in the network. Internet seems to promote a better predisposition to the change by managers and workers. It produces a greater openness to new forms of work and labour relations more flexible, which allows teleworking.